P like Porta Palazzo, Palazzo Madama


porta palazzoPorta Palazzo Market is the largest market in Europe, with over 3,000 square meters of shops, 2,000 sq m. of indoor free space and 5,000 sq m. of parking, situated in an impressive pentagonal structure designed by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Every morning the Porta Palazzo Market (open Mon –Fri 7.30 a.m.-1.00p.m., Sat 7.30a.m.-7.30 p.m.) comes to life in Piazza della Repubblica. Just behind, north from Porta Palazzo, is a maze of streets housing the “Il Balôn” flea market (open Sat 7.30 a.m.-7.30p.m.). Every second Sunday, it expands into Gran Balôn (open 7.30a.m.-1.00p.m.) in which 200 stallholders sell their products from the whole of Piemont.



Palazzo Madama is a historical and architectural complex located in Piazza Castello in the heart of the city of Turin. Nowadays, the palace hosts the Civic Museum of Ancient Art, while in the past it was originally built by the Romans as the door to the city, serving first as a defensive system, and later as a building and true symbol of the power  held by Turin until the 16th Century, when the current Royal Palace became the preferred home to the Duke of Savoy.

Following major changes and embellishments during the reign of the two Royal Ladyships, the old medieval castle was upgraded thanks to the work of the architect of the House of Savoy: Filippo Juvarra, who created the great facade that now dominates the homonymous square.